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  • Woof! Welcome to the Dog Park!

    The Dog Park is an online community just for you!

    Our members, both human and canine, are the heart and soul of the Dog Aging Project! Your participation in our research makes it possible for our team of veterinarians and scientists to carry out the most ambitious canine health study in the world. We truly couldn’t do this work without you!

    In the Dog Park, members of the Dog Aging Project Pack can interact with each other and with members of our staff and research team. Whether you want to share cute dog pictures, arrange local meet-ups, or participate in exclusive learning opportunities with our scientists, the Dog Park is the place to be!

    The Dog Park is completely separate from the personal research portal where you complete surveys and other research activities as part of the Dog Aging Project. Participation in the Dog Park is optional. Instead of being part of our scientific studies, the Dog Park is intended to be a fun and friendly place for our members to join together in community.

    We can’t wait to see you in the Dog Park!

    Enter the Dog Park

    About the Dog Aging Project

    The Dog Aging Project is an innovative initiative that brings together a community of dogs, owners, veterinarians, researchers, and volunteers to carry out the most ambitious canine health study in the world. Our work is centered on two fundamental goals: understanding how biology, lifestyle, and environment influence aging and intervening to increase healthspan, the period of life spent free from disease.

    Not a member of the Pack yet? Join us!

    We are actively enrolling dogs of all ages, from all across the United States, including purebred and mixed breed dogs, to join the Dog Aging Project. Nominate your dog at dogagingproject.org today!

    Visit the Dog Aging Project

  • How do I join the Dog Park?

    If you’re already a Dog Aging Project Pack member and you’re ready to see what the Dog Park is all about, please sign in with the same email address that you use to access your personal research portal.

  • Can you help me log in?

    You need to be a member of the Dog Aging Project Pack to join the Dog Park. This means that you’ve nominated a dog on our website, successfully completed the Health and Life Experience Survey, and received a certificate and Pack number.

    Your invitation to the Dog Park will come in a separate email with login instructions within roughly 48 hours of becoming a member of the Pack. If you didn’t receive this email, try using the Forgot Password tool. Enter the same email address you use to log in to your personal research portal.

    Please make sure that you’re using the correct password. The Dog Park is not linked to your research portal for security purposes.

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