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    Eric L.

    The Dog Park is a private community forum for members of the Dog Aging Project Pack and others affiliated with the Dog Aging Project.

    Here, you can join with other community scientists, discuss the latest from the Dog Aging Project, share cute dog pictures, and more! We'll post exclusive learning opportunities, chats with the researchers, local meetups, and other activities for Pack members only.

    If you're a Pack member, simply sign in using the same email address you use for our Portal - the password may be different, though! You will need to choose a forum username and set up your profile on your first visit here as this community forum is entirely separate from the Portal.

    Participation on the forum is optional and will not impact your participation in the Dog Aging Project’s research projects. The personal information you share in the Portal for research purposes will remain separate, private, and will not be accessible on this forum.


    Update your profile information

    Visit your profile to see what other people can see about you. Click Edit Profile at top left to make changes.

    Here, you can introduce yourself to others on the forum with a little something in the About Me section. Just like other social media platforms, you can also change your profile picture and include a larger cover photo too.

    You can also edit your home state here. Don’t want others to see that? Select the blank entry at the top of the list and save.


    Learn how to follow topics

    This community offers robust notifications to help you keep up with conversation. We know you might not pop in here every day, so these settings offer another way to stay in the loop.

    The top of most pages includes a Follow button. Click that and any updates will show up in your Followed Content stream here on the Dog Park. You can follow conversations, people, events, or even entire forums.

    Want those updates to go to your inbox? Go to Followed Content on your Notification Settings. You can choose to receive daily or weekly email digests rounding up all the followed content you missed (digests are turned off by default).


    Manage your notifications

    We know you’re busy and we appreciate all you do for the Dog Aging Project already! We keep notifications to a minimum by default, but you can change your preferences at any time.

    By default, you will only receive email alerts when you receive a private message, an administrative notice, or a reminder for an event you followed.

    Visit your Notification Settings to view other options.

    You can receive updates:

    • When your name is mentioned
    • When someone follows you
    • When there are updates to your followed content



    • Replying to others and making your own post
    • Learn how to use Clubs
    • Find your private message inbox
    • Sharing pictures
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