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    The Dog Aging Project

    Community Guidelines for the Dog Park

    The Dog Aging Project is a research program focused on community science. We can’t do our work without you, our community scientists!


    In order to foster openness, collaboration, and a spirit of scientific curiosity, we ask all Dog Park users to adhere to the following community guidelines. These standards ensure all voices are heard in a safe and respectful environment. Please keep the following in mind when participating in the Dog Park:

    Be Respectful. Please be polite to all members, even if you disagree with them. Keep in mind that there are real people reading your posts and comments. Posts and comments that are spammy, contain explicit content, advertise the sale or distribution of products or pets, or are derogatory in any way will be removed.

    Be a Contributor. This online community is a place to engage in thoughtful, relevant, and engaging conversations around a shared love of dogs. Please make an effort to post in topically appropriate forums. Strive to share original content. If you do want to share a news story, article, or other link to external content, please keep them on-topic and information-based (versus commercial in nature. 

    Be Safe. Protect your personal information. Any contact information you share in comments and discussions will be visible to everyone. If you want to share private contact information with another member, we encourage you to use the private messaging feature within the forum.

    Moderation Policy. In order to provide a safe space for our community, any discussions or comments you post may be removed at any time if a Moderator feels it violates the community guidelines. Additional action may also be taken to limit your access to the forum.

    Veterinary Advice. The Dog Aging Project and associated partners on this platform cannot provide medical or veterinary advice. If your dog is experiencing health issues, please contact your primary care veterinarian immediately.


    The Dog Park online community exists to support and engage participants in the Dog Aging Project. The mission of the Dog Aging Project is to conduct rigorous scientific research designed to define, explain, and ameliorate the effects of aging while building a community of volunteers and researchers united by a shared love for dogs in order to help dogs and humans live longer, healthier lives—together.

    Have a question? Contact the Dog Aging Project team.

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